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Jonas Martin  had been  fascinated by sea travel and the stories of daring men who got back with gold and booties. So when he heard of some galleons going on a journey to the Far east, he fought hard to get into one of them, facing  all the surmounting obstacles before him.  Finally  finding a way,  he mustered  persistence  and stamina to fight  with  scarcity, boredom  and disease  during the long rigorous voyage until  he found his  Ilang –ilang , a beautiful princess in Sugbo who likewise found him interesting and irresistible . They fell in love , fought with adversities, then ran away to her great-grandmas’ home where they hid from the ire of her people.

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Whispers of the Raging Waters

The book is  about astral travel, adventure and romance, centered in a romantic interlude, revolving around the assassination of Sen. Benigno Aquino, the People’s power revolution and the ouster of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines. JC had a former girlfriend who died in an accident. He loved her so much that he studied astral travel in order to see her in another sphere. Life had to go on , and he found Tessa Lopez, a doctor of medicine   who finally captured his attention and love.

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There were sensational stories about  stolen babies during the time of the Franco dictatorship in Spain. They were in all the newspapers and the controversies have not been erased from the minds of the people until today.

This novel revolves around twin brothers who were separated by greed at birth. Raised in different worlds, they came to meet incidentally by a stroke of fate. One became a terrorist and had been running from the law. He was a master of disguise and could not be captured by his pursuers. The other was leading an ordinary life and became a frofessional magician by trade. Their turmoil started when they learned about who they were and where they came from.

Contact: emmacachor@gmail.com


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