True love triumphs

Would it be possible to love somebody from a diverse background, language and custom? Language is a great barrier, but why do a lot of  stories tell us about intermarriages among people from different countries who could hardly understand each other?


6 thoughts on “True love triumphs

  1. “I, I wish you could swim
    Like the dolphins, like dolphins can swim
    Though nothing,
    nothing will keep us together
    We can beat them, for ever and ever
    Oh we can be Heroes,
    just for one day

    I, I will be king
    And you, you will be queen
    Though nothing will drive them away
    We can be Heroes, just for one day
    We can be us, just for one day”

    This is a song about true loves, about heroes who are looking forward to triumph at least just for one day.
    Congratulations on telling us stories

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment, Antonio. Does the song have a happy ending? I would interpret “heroes for one day” as if one of the lovers or both of them just perished? Am I right? Or there is another interpretation to that?

  3. I think the song was writen for having a happy ending and being a hopeful message.
    This is a David Bowie’s song, and he wrote it when he was in Germany. He looked at a painting in which a girl and a boy were kissing in front of the Berlin’s wall, and though they had nothing apparently, their love would make them so strong so that they could be heroes in those circunstances.
    Only being heroes just for one day would be a success, a great miracle that love can make possible. And this is just the begining for a happy ending. Is this the same case as “Sugbo”?

    • I think ninety-nine percent of songs were created from the heart. That is why they are always about love. Song writers pick the boy meets girl subject, then majority choose those where one or both are in love. Most of the time one is more in love than the other. Then goes the breaking up, where the singer hits the lowest.

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