Melodies of my life

I love so many songs, and each one of them has a certain memory woven into it as they came. If I picked three it would mean limiting my memories to a certain degree. From Nat King Cole to Frank Sinatra, Carole King to James Taylor, oh, so many of them, I find it hard to limit my memories.

In my younger days, because of this love, I learned to play the guitar by myself, just listening to the radio. I picked up the melody by straining my ears by the time a song came out on the air. They say it was hard but that was the only `means and ways´ we had those days. My little notebook came in handy to scribble the lyrics as I heard them.

Nowadays it’s easier for young people to learn a song through the internet, given to them in silver platter. How I wish we had the same facilities. They are denuded by all this information that concentrating in one is almost impossible.

New York New York, The things we did Last Summer, Cherish, You’ve got a Friend, Till there Was You, Desafinado, Wave, Fire and Rain, Blackbird, If I only have Eyes For You, Vincent, If Ever I would Leave You, When I Fall In Love, An Affair to Remember, I just Called to Say I love You, That’s What Friends are For, Alfie, One Note Samba, The Way You Look Tonight, Our House, Stuck On You, The Look Of Love and many more in the list that would tire one who doesn’t have the mind set for music.

Desafinado , Alfie and The Look Of Love ,I would say are the ones that could easily lift my heart to heaven when I hear them played. But it doesn’t mean that I like them more than the others. How about the songs in the film “The Sound of Music”. They are immortal ones. And Don’t forget the ones in “Saturday Night Fever” and “West Side Story”.

My friends, I chatter about titles, but if you’d look deeper into those songs, you would probably feel the same way as I feel when I hear them. They are the inspiration of the soul, the moulders of characters and the messengers of time to bring you back to where your youth was still delicate and fragile.

Now, if you listened to them your heart would easily meld into their unique melodies, to cry out to the lyrics woven by their artists, and willingly be transported back to those years.

King Macachor


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