The Red Knitted Sweater

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Jamie was ten, very sensitive and observant of her surroundings and the feelings of other people. Like any other her age, she loved playing on the beach, building sand castles and collecting seashells. Alone today, she could hear the rushing of the waves on the shore and the squawking and croaking of the pelicans from far away. Some coughed, she noticed.

Deeply focused on her playing, she heard some crunching of the sand under booted feet coming her way. She took a side way glance and noticed a young couple holding hands strolling along the shore. Their presence was common place if not for the face of the young man which was in trouble , so it seemed to her. Were they having some problems in their relationship, she asked herself. The tears in his eyes could mean something, so she looked at his young companion who was looking…

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