Our House

When I was twelve I lived in a three storey house owned by my parents. Me and my three brothers had our beds on the second floor. Frequently, fresh wind came into our room from the window slits surrounding the wall panels. Two double deck beds were placed beside the windows. I had the upper bed so that air came directly to me while sleeping in hot summer afternoons. Sometimes my mother used it to hang laundry. It wasn’t annoying until my head got snagged on the clothes when I grew up taller.

On the third floor, my other two sisters had a room by themselves. I remember that it was too big for two beds, they could dance on the floor. Around it were glass jalousies that had a good view of the streets down below.

My parents lived on the ground floor. They had a room with an adjoining bathroom that never had the lights replaced. I think my father intentionally never put new ones for us to be using the other bathroom on the ground floor. We studied in the living room downstairs where a dining table big for ten people was located. It was the center of activities for us siblings. On one side was a TV set and a sofa with two arm chairs made of rattan where we frolicked while not studying.

We had a small kitchen on the ground floor . It was my mother’s turf. When she was busy contriving anything for us the place was a no entry and she would go crazy if anyone of us would violate her rule. Adjacent to the kitchen was a convenient store run by her. When a customer comes in she would just shift into a shop attendant. She was a full time mother and a full time store keeper.

Our house was a very fine house with no cats in the yard. Life used to be so hard. But everything seemed to be easy. It had no garden for it was situated in the middle of the city and closed to schools and universities. I think this is the reason all of us siblings were able to finish schooling up to college – its proximity to the institutions of learning. This was the home we had that made us real people where love, joys and pains were shared, until one tragic event occurred- a big fire.


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