Right to Brag

Tarzan drums his breast and ululates when he vanquishes his enemies. That’s the way he brags himself. Perhaps if he had Facebook he would have filled his pages with his accomplishments instead of beating his breast muscles and yelling. Crisp but shallow. Yes, Facebook in truth has given people a forum to brag about anything.
People brag. Even the timid ones brag about their timidity. It is a human nature to brag about anything or we consider ourselves robots devoid of emotions and feelings, like the trees in the forest. Well…even trees stand majestically to brag about their height.
I have been in this world for as long as it takes and I’m still here standing in good health. I brag about it, to compare myself to wine which taste better when aged. The older it is the better tasting it is and as we grow older the wiser we become. Yes, the older I become the better I am in coping with adversities. Storms had passed my way as I stood still. Friends who were weaker snapped, but I stood still. Time has proven me right.
King Macachor


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