Perfecting English Is Disheartening

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain. Sounds familiar? Yes, in My Fair Lady, Eliza Doolittle was told to repeat this famous sentence fifty times over. She was set out to conquer her difficulty in the Queen’s language, in a bet which Professor Higgins had with Colonel Pickering, that she could be changed into a lady in six months time, by starting with her speech.
Learning English is indeed daunting. It was difficult for Eliza who spoke Pidgin English. How much more for learners from languages like those that originated from Latin, which tend to stick to their own five vowel sounds? Professor Higgins said that there are one hundred thirty vowel sounds, to be exact. Wow, would that not be too overwhelming?
Good thing that modern day grammarians came out with the International Phonetic Symbol which fixed it to only twenty one.
Yes, this is the reason English is daunting to master. However, once the vowel sounds are conquered you could celebrate. Eliza sang I Could Have Danced All Night, after conquering it. Colonel Pickering saluted to Professor Higgins in the end. He did it.


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