A peep into chapter 7….


“THE hurricane came from the northern ocean circling counter clockwise. It started slowly, picked up speed when it entered land and lambasted everything on its way. The howling and hissing got stronger and louder every minute outside, it sounded like a cacophony of musical instruments played out of tune at the same time, rising slowly to staccato. It wiggled its way to find anything to topple down, trees and huts which used to be standing along the river banks. Amir patched up some more hissing he found on the walls. The roof was whipping, it worried him so much. The rhythm was deafening with the banging of a window shutter against the wall somewhere. He could hear leaves and branches rustling and threshing as they sway to and fro. The sound rose to a crescendo, followed by the cracking of branches that got twisted and pulled out from their trunks and the smashing and thudding of trees as they fell on the ground. Smaller trees and plants made snapping sounds as they were uprooted and their hut seemed to vibrate under the force of the winds. The weather now was getting to be violent. The rain continued coming down in roaring torrents. Thunder rumbled and lightning flashed.”

“All this chaos made animals go berserk and ran wild about in their coops. Those in the forest were in worst situations, crouching, hiding and searching madly for places to save themselves. Those who were not swift…

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2 thoughts on “A peep into chapter 7….

  1. … not swift enough to escape the onslaught …”. Thanks for sharing with us your stories and very funny moments. Good luck! Sergio

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